N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--December 1997


Raleigh - Many correction employees have visions of what the Department of Correction could be, but never have the time to put those ideas to work. Fortunately, the department has Virginia Price who is working on a number of initiatives which will change the face of corrections.

Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis recently elevated Price to the position of assistant secretary because of the many new responsibilities that she now manages.

Sentencing reforms have generally been received well by a public wanting to know the real time an offender will spend in prison. That reception has been helped by the efforts of Price who directs North Carolina's State Partnership for Criminal Justice. The goal of that project is to support both the Structured Sentencing Act and the Community Corrections program (under the direction of Nancy Lowe).

In addition, Price manages the Violent Offender Incarceration and the Truth-in-Sentencing project through the U.S. Department of Justice which gave DOC nearly $25 million in construction grants. She is the one responsible for nominating North Carolina for the Innovation in American Government award for Structured Sentencing which gave NC $100,000.

Price is liaison with all other federal agencies and issues affecting the department. Recently, she was assigned to the Governor's Commission on Juvenile Crime and Justice, charged with recommending a major overhaul of the juvenile justice system in North Carolina.

Before coming to DOC, Price was the executive director of the Governor's Crime Commission.

"Virginia Price is the brains behind a lot of the innovative ideas taking place in the correction field today," Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis said. "She is managing a number of complicated programs to continue this department's lead in the country as being one with all the ideas. I am glad she's on our team."

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