N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--April 1998

Computer System Allows Officers to Quickly Notify Police of Escapes

"Four-nine-zero-one is the code for escape," said Sgt. Andrea Judd as she sits down at her computer terminal in the Randall Building. Judd and her staff run the Division of Criminal Information terminal for the Division of Prisons. She’s one of the first people notified when a prisoner escapes.

When a call comes in, she immediately notes the information, checks it against OPUS computer records and types it into the DCI system.

"The quicker prisons relay information to one of the correctional officers manning the DCI terminal, the quicker we can alert police that we need their help in returning an escapee to custody," said Judd. Once she is notified on an escape, Judd quickly spreads the word. A few commands to the computer and the escape alert shows up immediately on hundreds of police computer terminals. Judd can notify police in the community where the escape occurred, in the community where the escapee lived before imprisonment and in communities where there may be family or friends the escapee may contact.

In addition to getting information from the prison’s DC 145 escape report, Judd asks that prison staff send arrest warrants for escapees as quickly as possible.

Police notify the DCI terminal operator when they’ve taken an escapee into custody. In a matter of minutes, Judd confirms the department is seeking the escapee, has an arrest warrant and is willing to extradite offenders back to NC.

"If police departments request a copy of the warrant for the escapee, we’re able to quickly fax it since prisons supplied us with it at the time of escape," Judd said.

For four years, Judd has worked as a correctional sergeant. She began her career in corrections at Hoke Correctional Institution in 1990. She worked at Morrison Youth Institution before being assigned to the Randall Building in 1994. She was DCI certified in 1992.

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