North Carolina Department of Correction News - April 1999

Two long-time employees join Citizen Services

Just six months into operation, the department’s Office of Citizen Services is expanding in size and scope. Two long-time department employees recently joined the staff, and the office is broadening its offering of information and referral services for other DOC divisions.

Janet Bullock

Emily Smith

Janet Bullock, former superintendent at Fountain Correctional Center for Women, and Emily Garrett, a former community development coordinator with the Criminal Justice Partnership Program and judicial district manager with the Division of Community Corrections, have been named division program consultants.

Bullock has 18 years of experience with the Division of Prisons working as a correctional officer, program supervisor, DOP administrator, assistant superintendent and superintendent. Garrett has 21 years of experience with DCC working as a probation officer, chief probation/parole officer, judicial district manager and community development coordinator.

"The department is fortunate to have two long-time employees like Janet Bullock and Emily Garrett put their experience working with prisons and probation/parole to work for the Office of Citizen Services," Acting Secretary Joe Hamilton said. "The unique perspectives they bring to their new positions will benefit the department as well as the victims and families served by the Office of Citizen Services."

Both Bullock and Garrett will work with the office’s three functional areas – victim services, offender family services and operations, which includes a telephone call center and correspondence unit. The two will work with division staff to develop and implement specific programs to meet the needs of victims and offenders’ families.

"I’m excited to have career professionals like Janet and Emily join the Citizen Services staff," said Director Tracy Little. "Their expertise and wealth of knowledge will be invaluable as we move ahead in the area of program development."

The Office of Citizen Services was created last fall to serve as the primary information and referral source for the department, as well as to refine and develop programs focused on victim and offender family services. Projects underway include spearheading activities for National Victims’ Rights Week in April, preparing for the victims’ rights law implementation in July, revising the offender family and friends handbook and developing educational brochures.

New initiatives in the operations branch include expanding the correspondence role. Now, in addition to handling all correspondence from the Governor’s office, the office’s correspondence staff will now respond to certain types of inquiries that previously had been handled by DOP’s administrative offices. u

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