North Carolina Department of Correction News - June 1999

Personnel corner

Open enrollment is now available for employees who are not currently on the Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plan. Anyone enrolling during the open enrollment will have a 12-month waiting period for all services except preventive and diagnostic.

As of May 1, the Blue Cross Blue Shield dental plan rates experienced a slight increase.

For an employee only, the rates are $18.32 per month; for employee and one child, $30.24; for employee and spouse, $36.65; and for employee and family, $55.33.

If you wish to enroll or add dependents, you may call Doug Sutton up until July 9 or complete a request form from your personnel office. You will be mailed a brochure and application.

The completed application must be returned to Doris Martin, Payroll, Department of Correction, 2020 Yonkers Road, Raleigh, NC 29540 by Aug. 13. Coverage will be effective Sept. 1 following the August payroll deduction.

Should you have any questions, you may call Doug Sutton at 919-836-9993 or 1-800-788-7771; or you may call Lloyd Parker, Insurance Committee Chairman at 252-830-3466.

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