Helping Others Is What We Do Best!

At a time when the eastern part of the state was hit hardest by Hurricane Floyd, countless families -- many of them in the corrections business -- lost homes, jobs, vehicles, and the basics needed for day-to-day life. 

The North Carolina Correctional Association sponsored a drive to raise money that could be dispersed to correctional families affected who had immediate needs for housing, clothing, food, etc. A committee of NCCA members met and reviewed a significant number of applications for assistance that were submitted and approved the release of money to approximately 95 percent of those requesting aid. 

While trying to assist as many as possible, it was recognized that the Christmas season was approaching and children would need a bit of `joy' in their lives. So, some money was withheld, and a team of NCCA staff took time off from work schedules to go shopping to purchase toys to be sent to the eastern part of the state. Approximately $1,200 was spent on childrens' toys, and the toys were taken to the social services departments in Pitt, Greene, and Edgecombe counties for distribution to local children as needed. 

Creating a bit of happiness for children is always important, and a tremendous amount of gratitude is to be extended to the many people involved in the fundraising campaigns, the toy-buying, and the delivery of the toys to the social service agencies in the counties mentioned. A special thanks is extended to Supt. Cordelia Clark, Supt. Pat Chavis, Barabara M. Pierce, and Ron Jones for their involvement in all these activities, as well as to the staff in the South Central Region Office for helping to bag the toys for delivery. Funds are still welcome and will be placed in the NCCA disaster relief fund for future aid. Contributions can be sent to Barbara M. Pierce at the South Central Region Office.

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