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Basic Correctional Officer Training Program

Based on task analysis, the Correctional Officer Basic Training Program is validated and job-related to Correctional Officers’ work performed in the Division of Prisons of the North Carolina Department of Correction. The Correctional Officer Basic Training Program consists of a total of four (4) consecutive weeks (160 hours) of training.

The program includes training in the essential concepts, knowledge and skills required by Correctional Officers for work performance at the Basic or Entry level. This course also contains firearms, unarmed self-defense, and other psychomotor skills. Trainees are required to achieve passing scores in academics, firearms, and psychomotor skills. This training must be completed within 12 months from the date of employment.

Controls - Mat Work


Straight Baton - High Block

Straight Baton

Shotgun - Kneeling Position


Western Region - Classroom


Basic Training for employees is mandated by North Carolina General Statute 17C, by regulations of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission (12NCAC9), and by policy of the North Carolina Department of Correction.

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