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The Basic Training programs provide essential training specifically related to job tasks of Correctional Officers and Probation Officers. Basic Training is designed to train persons to adequately perform all their critical job tasks.

The Basic Training curriculum is certified by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission. Basic training courses must be completed within the first year of employment. This training helps new employees acquire knowledge and skills essential to begin correctional work. It also helps them to understand the interdependent nature of the Department of Correction and its division.

Instructors in Basic Training and other certified programs are subject-matter experts. Instructors have served as Correctional Officers and/or Probation/Parole Officers. They have not only been qualified through several instructor level courses, but, through first-hand experience in applying training concepts in a correctional setting. Trainees therefore get the benefit of an instructor's experience and education. These basic courses are comprehensive training programs for new hires and officers who have been promoted. They are mandated by the Criminal Justice Standards Division for certification. The Basic Community Corrections Training is designed for those individuals involved in investigation and supervision of offenders and parolees referred by Judges, the Secretary of Correction, and by the Post Release Supervision Commission.

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