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Applicants for Pardon


Applicants for Pardon

Applications for pardon for the following individuals are being 
considered by the Office of Executive Clemency:

Blackmon, Richard Lewis Jr.

Offense: Possession of schedule II Sentence: 12 months supervised probation
Conviction Date: 04/17/2002
County of Conviction: Yadkin

Broome, Matthew Lewis

Offense: Misdemeanor Possess Drug Paraphernalia Sentence: Fine & costs
Conviction Date: 09/24/2008
County of Conviction: Iredell

Brown, Leon

Offense: First Degree Rape Sentence: Life
Conviction Date: 10/25/1984 & 6/10/1992
County of Conviction: Robeson & Bladen

Canterino, John Thomas, Jr.

Offense: Sell or Deliver Marijuana Sentence: Minimum term of 6 months and maximum term of 8 months suspended with 18 months probation
Conviction Date: 02/09/1999
County of Conviction: Pitt

Chapman, Glenn Edward

Offense: First Degree Murder Sentence: Death
Conviction Date: 11/15/1994
County of Conviction: Catawba
Offense: First Degree Murder Sentence: Death
Conviction Date:  11/15/1994
County of Conviction: Catawba

Jones, David Allen

Offense: Felonious larceny Sentence: 24 months in DOC
Conviction Date: 11/23/1976
County of Conviction: Yadkin

Lamb, Larry

Offense: First degree murder Sentence: Natural life
Conviction Date: 8/19/1993
County of Conviction: Duplin
Offense: Felony conspiracy Sentence: 10 years
Conviction Date:  8/19/1993
County of Conviction: Duplin
Offense: Common law robbery Sentence: The court arrests case
Conviction Date:  8/19/1993
County of Conviction: Duplin

McCollum, Henry Lee

Offense: First Degree Murder Sentence: Death
Conviction Date: 10/25/1984 & 11/22/1991
County of Conviction: Robeson & Cumberland

Phillips, Preston Dane

Offense: Possession of scehdule I controlled substance Sentence: 24 months of supervised probation
Conviction Date: 8/19/2003
County of Conviction: Mecklenburg

Shelton, Horace Lee

Offense: Uttering forged instrument (3 counts), Habitual Felon Sentence: 127-162 months
Conviction Date: 02/17/2012
County of Conviction: Buncombe

Young, Justin Allan

Offense: Indecent Liberties with Child Sentence: 12 months probation
Conviction Date: 07/16/2007
County of Conviction: Onslow

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