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TAP Forms

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The Appraisal Process (TAP) forms package consists of the following forms:

1.  TAP Cover Sheet
2.  Work Plan Discussion Form (Supplemental Goals & Objectives)
3.  Performance Log(s)
4.  Employee Performance Review Form (Side One and Two)
5.  Employee Action Plan (used as required by policy)

The above forms are available on this web page.  There are two options for using the forms:

"PDF" Format:

If you select "PDF" format you will only be able to view and print the forms. Therefore, the "PDF" format is to be used if your intention is to hand-write the TAP forms.

"Word" Format:

If you select "Word," you will be able to download the forms into MSWord so that you can type on the forms.


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Please verify with your unit manager for your unitís preferred format (handwritten vs. downloaded/typed). If you select the "Word" format and download the TAP forms, you MUST not alter, modify, or change the TAP forms in any way. In addition, it is your responsibility for maintaining electronic TAP information in a confidential manner.  You will be held accountable for any security breaches.  

TAP Forms PDF Format (hand-written) Word Format (typed)
1.  TAP Cover Sheet (01/12) PDF Word
2.  Work Plan Discussion Form (Supplemental Goals) (01/12) PDF Word
3.  Performance Log (01/12) PDF Word
4.  Employee Performance Review Form (Side One) Choose the appropriate form for the Performance Standard that the employee's position title is assigned.  To determine the correct performance standard for the position, please refer to the section on "Performance Standards."

               Executive  (01/12)

PDF Word
               Managerial   (01/12) PDF Word
               Supervisory   (01/12) PDF Word
               Professional / Specialist   (01/12) PDF Word
               Technical / Skilled Trade  (01/12) PDF Word
               Support Services   (01/12) PDF Word
               Public Safety   (01/12) PDF Word
               Correctional Officer  (01/12) PDF Word
               Probation/Parole Officer  (01/12) PDF Word
5.  Employee Performance Review Form (Side Two) (01/12) PDF Word
6.  Employee Action Plan Form (01/12) PDF Word
Other TAP Forms:
Performance Appraisal Transfer Form  (01/12) (Must be completed when an employee transfers to another state agency.  Attach to DC-154S package). PDF Word
TAP Performance Log Tabulation Sheet (08/09)  (This form is OPTIONAL & not required as part of the TAP package.  Use if useful.) PDF  

NOTE for DUAL SUPERVISION:  Supervisors and managers of employees under dual supervision shall use the same TAP forms as employees that are not under dual supervision.  The respective chain-of-command shall be responsible for determining who is the TAP signing "Supervisor" (Administrative OR Clinical supervisor) and who is the TAP signing "Manager" (Administrative OR Clinical supervisor) for positions designated as dual supervision.


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