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Community Work Program

Community Work Program Inmates Picks Up Litter In Durham

Through the Community Work Program, a correction officer supervises a crew of up to 10 minimum custody inmates on short term, manual labor projects for local governments and state agencies.

Communities sign a contract with the prison and provide materials. There's no charge for the labor. Inmates pick up litter, clear brush, paint buildings, whatever's needed. The jobs provide a way for inmates to repay the community and to develop a work ethic.

The program was piloted in 1994 at Greene Correctional Center, expanded to 18 prisons in 1995, 35 in 1996 and 43 prisons in 1997.

Dear Marion Correctional Institution,

On behalf of the McDowell County Schools please allow us to express our gratitude for the work performed in our schools this summer. there was evidence of planning, preparation and commitment to each project. The inmates were co-operative and took pride in their work. We have received many complimentary comments from principals and program directors about the work program.
David L. Ricketts
Superintendent, McDowell County Schools
Once again, we at the McDowell County Department of Social Services are very grateful to your inmate crew members and guards for the exceptional work that was done for one of our programs. Our newly renovated child care center on State Street is beautiful. The crew members did an outstanding job with the cleaning, yard work, construction and all the odd jobs that were required to make our building meet child care standards. We were very impressed once again with the conscientiousness and positive attitudes of the workers.

We are proud that your state officials chose our center as a project to use in publicizing the community work program. We are certainly advocates for the program and feel lucky to have been chosen as one of your projects.

Mary Anne Combs
Day Care Supervisor, McDowell County Department of Social Service

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the crew leader and crew that assisted the Grandfather District in refurbishing the work center and restrooms at campground and picnic areas. They also assisted in rehabilitating many dispersed camping sites that were heavily impacted due to overuse. We were very impressed with the professionalism of the crew leader and the work accomplished by the crew.

We look forward to working with you in the future doing similar type work as well as other projects such as trail maintenance. Please keep us in mind when you are developing your schedule.

Bonnie P. Amaral
Forester, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Dear Bladen Youth Center

I want to express my sincere gratitude to two of your staff members, Sgt. McMillan and Officer Singletary, for their professionalism in bringing the community work project crew to our college over the Christmas holidays. the quality of work was excellent and we certainly would like to use them again.

Please express my sincere thanks to the inmates who did such excellent work on this project.

Thank you for allowing your staff to bring this group of inmates to our institution. The work they performed is greatly appreciated.

Stephen C. Scott
President, Southeastern Community College

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Officer Mike Williams and the CWP group #5 for the work that they have done here at the county complex in our sign shop and also at the airport.

Thank you for the courtesy and cooperation that they have shown while here and we hope Officer Williams and the CWP #5 best regards for their continued success.

J. Dwight Tyndall
Maintenance Assistant II, Sampson County Public Works

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance your unit has provided the Town of White Lake in the beautification of some of our public areas.

(The community work squad) under the supervision of Officer Singletary provided the Town with two beautiful flower gardens.

These young men not only worked hard but were both courteous and polite. It is good to see these young men able to get out and perform community service projects like this and enjoy it as these young men did.

Again thanks for a job well done and we are looking forward to many more mutual projects in the future.

Tim Frush
Director, White Lakes Public Works

Dear Neuse Correctional Center,

I would like to express the appreciation of our staff, 575 students and community for the excellent job that the inmates did on our grounds over the Easter Holidays. they really helped to give our school a fresh look.

We thank you again and would love to be able to use your assistance again this summer if that is available. I only have on custodian to cover this whole school inside and out.

any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Alex Wingate Principal, Northwest Elementary School

I would like to let you know how appreciative I am of the job the inmates did to assist us in getting ready for our Daffodil Festival. officer Whitfield and his crew helped us to clean sidewalks, curbs, and cut grass to prepare for the festivities. they picked up trash and helped make the Town look good for the people who came from out of town. I received several compliments on how good the Town looked form people in town and from visitors. The inmate Work Program is a valuable resource for small towns. it enables us to accomplish a lot more projects that we would otherwise not be able to do. officer Whitfield and his crew of inmates take pride in the job they are doing at the time and are always concerns about whether or not we are satisfied with the job that they are doing. they could be models of how the inmate program is working. I send my thanks for the work they have done and look forward to working with them again.

Charles T. Murdock
Fremont Public Works Director

On behalf of the board of Directors, employees and the 1700 members that the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County serves, I would like to thank you and the (community work squad) for your contribution of time and effort you gave to our club.

Our club provides important programs to more than 1700 boys and girls in Wayne county. We receive 60 percent of our funding from special events, grants and contributions.

We sincerely appreciate your support of our organization as we continue to be .... The POSITIVE Place for Kids!

Lucky Harris
Director, Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County

Dear New Hanover Correctional Center,

I would like to express my appreciation to you, Officer Swinson and his inmates for helping us move our offices and clean up the outside of our building on July 1st and 2nd, 1997.

Being a non-profit, we do not have funds to hire movers and landscapers. The help provided by allowing inmates to work at our facility is invaluable. Money is saved and we are able to put more funds into helping children and families.

the cooperative nature of Officer Swinson and his crew is admirable. They all went out of their way to help us in any way they could. We really appreciate them!

Thank you again. I appreciate your professionalism and your positive helping spirit.

Patricia Keane
Director Child Advocacy Commission

Dear Gov. Hunt,

As the chief elected official for the Great State of North Carolina, you have tremendous responsibilities for numerous programs. As elected officials for the Town of Caswell Beach, we understand how gratifying it is to receive support and praise for successful program.s

We are extremely pleased to report on the success of your community work program administered through the NC Department of Correction. please accept our gratitude for your leadership in the initiation of this outstanding program. our small coastal community benefits from this program by utilizing inmates from the New Hanover Correctional Center. In a cooperative effort with town volunteers to reduce beach erosion by installing sandfencing and planting beach grass; and improving the attractiveness and safety of our area by clearing vegetative undergrowth and trees.

Please accept our appreciation for your initiation and continued support for this program. We also extend our gratitude to your program's personnel, Sgt. Robert M. Barnhill of the New Hanover Correctional Center for his continued supervision and coordination of the community work program serving our area. Sgt. Barnhill deserves to be commended for his dedicated efforts to coordinate this successful program; and for the positive and fair manner in which he represents the State of North Carolina.

Joseph F. O'Brien
Mayor of Caswell Beach

Dear Dan River Prison Work Farm,

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for all of the assistance that the Dan River Prison work Farm has provided to the Caswell County Recreation Department. We have been in the process of completing several details of our new park facility and your CWP work squads have been essential to us in this endeavor. I especially want you to know that Sgt. Thomas Ashley has always been willing to help me in any way possible. He has always provided me with a work squad when I have needed one. In addition, Correctional officer Kenny Gammon of the Light Construction Crew did an excellent job of constructing a sidewalk, drain basins as well as several other items over the last two weeks.

The CWP work squad program is a valuable asset not only to Caswell County, but to surrounding counties and cities as well. We will certainly continue to utilize this service at our facility.

Again, thank you and your staff for everything that you have done to assist us in maintaining our recreation facility.

Joel Davis
Director Caswell County Recreation and Parks Department

On behalf of our Caswell County Chamber Board of Directors, may I take this opportunity to thank you and Sgt. Jennifer Rayl for your arrangement of clean up crews during and after our Brightleaf Hoedown in Yanceyville on September 27 and 28, 1997.

The Hoedown is Caswell County's largest single event and without your help we would have been hard pressed to find enough volunteers and workers to succeed in the area of clean up.

Thank you again and please call on us should you need help in any way.

Bob Hillman
Director, Caswell County Chamber of Commerce

On October 21st Squad 7 under the supervision of Sgt. Ashley from your farm provided assistance to our Agency in moving our office furniture from one location to another within the Orange County Planning and Agriculture Building. We would like to express our sincere appreciation for this assistance. The manner with which these men conducted themselves was exemplary. they worked hard without complaint during their time with us.

Again, thanks for providing this service to us in such an exemplary way.

D. Michael Harris
Community Development Manager, US Department of Agriculture

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