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Prison Program Description: Community Work Program
Purpose The Community Work Program provides supervised minimum custody inmates for work projects requested by government agencies. Projects are usually short term in nature and are not formalized into inmate labor contracts. Work is performed at no cost to the requesting government agency. This program provides inmates an opportunity to perform symbolic restitution and provides Division of Prisons facilities the opportunity to be good neighbors in the communities where they are located by sharing this labor resource.
Criteria for Participation Selection criteria for the Community Work Program requires minimum custody inmates who are physically and mentally capable of performing the work required for the project.
Program Operation Governmental agencies requesting work under the Community Work Program will contact the superintendent of a minimum security prison in their area or contact the Division of Prisons Program Services Section in Raleigh. The superintendent designates a staff person to meet with the requesting agencies to evaluate the work request. The superintendent approves all work requests. Work performed should be within a 35 mile radius of the prison. Work is typically manual labor. Special tools needed to perform the task are provided by the requesting agency. No machinery is used by inmates unless documented training on the device is made part of the record. Work crews with a ratio of one unarmed correctional officer to 10 inmates are deployed. Safe work practices are strictly enforced by the supervising correctional officer.

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