North Carolina Division of Prisons
Program Services

Last Updated February 14, 1997

 Prison Program Description: Study Release

PurposeStudy release allows inmates to participate in academic or vocational training programs away from the correctional facility and not supervised by a correctional employee or an agent of the Department of Correction.
Criteria for ParticipationPrisons policy require:
  1. The inmate must be in the final stage of minimum custody and must have participated in other community based activities outside the correctional facility.
  2. The inmate must have the potential for release through parole, work release or sentence expiration following the completion of the designated study release program.
Program OperationEligible inmates requests must be reviewed to determine if:
  1. The course of study which the inmate wishes to pursue is not available on site at an appropriate correctional facility.
  2. The course of study for the participant will significantly enhance the inmate's opportunity of being a productive citizen upon release.
  3. There is reasonable cause to believe that the inmate has the capability of successfully completing the designed study release program.
  4. There is reasonable cause to believe that the inmate will honor all the conditions for the study release participation and not abuse the privilege.

Inmates request study release through their Division of Prisons case manager. Prison managers must be review and approve the request.