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Last Updated February 14, 1997

Prison Program Description: Vocational Rehabilitation

PurposeVocational Rehabilitation Offender programs provide soon-to-be-released, eligible inmates:
  1. Vocational evaluations, prevocational training and vocational training in existing work stations.
  2. On-the-job training or training provided by Department of Correction and Department of Community Colleges.
  3. Specialized training in community rehabilitation programs.
  4. Job development and job placement.
  5. Services that support accomplishment of objective on the IWRP(i.e. transportation, clothing, tools and maintenance)
  6. Follow-up to provide supportive counseling and guidance and other services throughout the training period until a successful adjustment to a job is made. For inmates nearing release, this includes coordination with field vocational rehabilitation counselors.
Criteria for ParticipationThe term "eligible" refers to a certification that:
  1. The individual has a mental or physical disability which for such individual results in a substantial handicap to employment.
  2. An individual who is expected to benefit in terms of employability from the provision of vocational rehabilitation services.

In order to participate in vocational rehabilitation activities away from the prison, inmates must either:

  1. Meet all eligibility requirements for study release and have previously participated in other community based activities.
  2. Must be in minimum custody level II and be approved for participation in programs away from the prison. This off-site program must be under the supervision of correctional personnel or an agent of the Director of Prisons.
Program OperationInmates eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services are referred to the local vocational rehabilitation counselor by their Division of Prisons case manager within six months of the inmate's eligibility for study release, work release, community rehabilitation program, parole or release. There are vocational rehabilitation counselors and other VR staff located in 28 Division of Prisons facilities. Most of these VR counselors supervise other offenders or people in the community.

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