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Western Youth Institution - 25 Years of Service

Last updated May 2, 1997

Western Youth Institution

A Silver Anniversary at WYI

Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis, Comments at Western Youth Institution 25th Anniversary luncheon

Director of Prisons Dan Stieneke, Comments at Western Youth Institution 25th Anniversary luncheon

Retired Western Youth Institution Staff

History of Western Youth Institution

Western Youth Institution Superintendents

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Western youth institution continues to provide a secure setting for its youthful population and a safe place for staff to work. Western's many educational, vocational and social programs prepares its young offenders for return to the community as successful citizens. and, through its many well-supervised work programs, Western provides special services to its sister state institutions, the Morganton and Burke County community, and the citizens of North Carolina.

--Leon Morrow, Superintendent

Leon Morrow

Western Youth Institution
Management Team
May 1997

Leon Morrow, Superintendent

Clyde Ross, Assistant Superintendent for custody

Helen Harriger, Assistant Superintendent for programs

Twyla Philyaw, Administrative officer

William Hall, Chaplain

L.P. Dale, Maintenance supervisor

Garry Peele, Food service

Fred Ivey, Education director

Myrtle Lavoie, DART supervisor

Charles Avery, Program director

William Morrow, Diagnostic center director

William Hartley, Psychological services director

Dr. Stephen Hurst, Dentist

Capt. Coleman Earwood

Capt. Charles Jackson

Capt. David Johnson

Capt. Harvey Guffey

Capt. Billy Boughman

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