NC Department of Correction - Correction News - November 1996

Hurricane Fran Didn't Stop DOC Staff

From the coast to Raleigh and up to the Virginia state line, the evidence of Fran is a reminder of that September night and its howling winds. State prison inmates continue to work clean-up details and new stories of correction staff's efforts are reported.

Twenty Division of Adult Probation and Parole employees responded to a request for assistance from Carolina beach. The DAPP staff manned the major checkpoints allowing only authorized personnel to enter the northern end of the beach, one of the areas hardest hit by the hurricane. DAPP staff transported beach residents to their homes where many saw the damage for the first time. Officers and staff helped other beach residents move their belongings from damaged homes. DAPP employees worked 10-12 hour days patrolling the beach to prevent looting and provided the only security to some beach areas.

DAPP staff also offered assistance at Kure Beach, Surf City, Topsail Each and Wrightsville Beach. In Pender County, they went with sheriff's deputies to answer calls for assistance and were asked to patrol residential and business areas in the eastern part of the county.

While many DAPP staff worked with law enforcement, others like Ann Bullard worked with the Red Cross delivering food to storm victims who were without power and water.

Judicial District Manager Terry Gootee offered a hand to a couple who were retrieving their belongings from their destroyed condo. As they loaded suitcases and possessions into the car, Gootee heard the husband remind his wife not to forget Grandma. As they began to drive away, Gootee realized he hadn't seen Grandma and asked whether she was missing. That's when they held up an urn containing the grandmother's cremated ashes. "We're sure glad the hurricane didn't hurt her," they said.

A debt of thanks is especially due to the DOC Payroll Section employees who came to work despite the damage at their homes to meet the Sept. 9-13 payroll deadlines. Budget Jennings, Gloria McLamb and their staff not only came to work, but worked overtime to make sure everyone got paid on time.

Jennings also worked with Priscilla Sledge to process checks for work release inmates. Terry Baker and her staff on the accounting system help desk with some assistance from SIPS, were able to keep the desk running, answering a continuous flow of questions normally directed to them.

The DOC Accounts Payable section has also worked with a team of other state employees under the State Controller's Office processing bills and payroll related to the state clean up. The staff will remain on loan until the invoices and payroll are up to date.

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