SEPTEMBER 11, 1996

RALEIGH -- Thirteen state prison employees volunteered their time to help clear trees and debris from the grounds of Wake County Schools today.

Correctional staff from the soon-to-open Dan River Prison Work Farm in Yanceyville gathered at the prison at 5AM and made the trip to Raleigh. The crews split up and went to East Cary Middle School, Martin Middle School and Bugg Elementary School.

The officers brought their own chain saws and cut up trees felled by the hurricane. They worked with school employees to stack and pile wood for disposal. They worked until 5 PM and plan to return tomorrow.


"We wanted to help out," said Lt. B.J. Wallace. "It could just as easily have been us."

Dan River prison superintendent Wayne Moore followed up on State Correction Secretary Franklin Freeman's efforts Tuesday to help the Wake County Schools with inmate labor by seeking volunteers among his prison staff.

"We asked employees if they were interested in helping to clean up school grounds in Raleigh," Moore said. "They're enthusiastic about their jobs and wanted to help out their neighbors."

Thirteen employees volunteered to work today including Assistant Superintendent Wayne Talbert, correctional lieutenants William Williamson, Rudy Foster, B.J. Wallace, correctional sergeants Kimberley Reece, Bill Level, Kenneth Dixon, Jennifer Rayle, Wallace Wright and correctional officers Lee Craddock, Deborah Dillard, David Elliott and Kenneth Underwood. Moore said more employees were expected to work on the project tomorrow.