GASTONIA - William B. Hardin has been promoted to judicial district manager for district 27-A in the Division of Adult Probation and Parole.

"Mr. Hardin is a dedicated employee who has the skills and talents necessary to properly supervise the district," said Correction Secretary Franklin Freeman. "He's a capable leader and will do a good job."

As district manager, Hardin will oversee a 35-member staff who supervise more than 2,000 offenders on probation or parole.

Hardin graduated from Shelby High School in 1968. He received an AA degree from Spartanburg Methodist College in 1973 and a BA in criminal justice from Pfeiffer College in 1978. Hardin worked with campus security at UNC-Charlotte for four years. He spent three years in the U.S. Marines as a corporal and served one year in Viet Nam.

Hardin joined the Department of Correction in 1979 as a probation and parole officer in Shelby. In 1986, he was promoted to intensive officer. Hardin received an advanced certificate from the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

Hardin and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 23 years and have one child, 19-year-old Jennifer.