DECEMBER 15, 1995

RALEIGH - In a continuing effort to save tax dollars through streamlining government, the South Central Area office of the Division of Prisons will soon close. The six prisons in that area will join other prison commands.

"This change has been in the works for some time," said Correction Secretary Franklin Freeman. "The department will provide efficient prison operations as we meet the state's needs to keep violent criminals imprisoned."

Legislation required the Department of Correction to close the South Central Area's 26-bed Richmond Correctional Center and the 42-bed Moore Correctional Center. The prisons closed in May, though inmates are bused to the Moore sewing plant to work.

The Division of Prisons plans to reassign the other six South Central Area prisons and the area administrative staff by next July. Montgomery Correctional Center will become part of Southern Correctional Institution. Columbus and Sampson correctional centers will report to the division's medium custody command. Robeson, Sanford and Scotland Correctional Centers will report to the new Central Area office.

Prisons in the new Central Area will include Durham, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Johnston, Orange, Person, Robeson, Sanford, Scotland, Umstead, Vance, Wake and Warren correctional centers.

Granville, Halifax, Person, Vance and Warren correctional centers will close during the next year with the opening of the new Warren Correctional Institution, now under construction.