Prison histories

In 1933, a $400,000 bond issue provided for establishing and equipping prison camps, farms and industries. Lawmakers authorized the State Highway and Public Works Commission to purchase, lease and erect buildings at new road camp sites. These permanent road camps were of a standard design and small capacity. The basic design was for 100 inmates. Camps were located across the state, primarily for the convenience of road building and repair.

Person Correctional Center--A state property inventory shows the oldest building at the prison was its dormitory built in 1930. When it closed the unit housed minimum custody adult male inmates. August 1996 1939
Granville Correctional Center--The state purchased the property on which the prison is built from Thornton Yancey in 1931. Construction was completed in 1932. The prison housed medium custody inmates, minimum custody inmates and from 1957 until closing, minimum custody adult male inmates. October 1996 1932
Halifax Correctional Center--The prison was established as a medium security facility. For ten years, it served as a segregation camp for misdemeanors awaiting additional felony charges. The facility was then converted to a minimum security facility housing inmates who were taken to work at the Caledonia prison farm and laundry daily. In 1989, Halifax was converted back to a medium security unit. From 1993 until closing, it housed minimum custody adult male inmates. October 1996 1938
Vance Correctional Center--A bronze plaque on the prison's dormitory showed it was built in 1939. Over the years, the prison's mission changed, housing male youth 1955-63 and then adult male felons. The prison housed minimum custody adult males 1966-78 and then became a medium security unit. In the 1980's, inmates supervised by correction engineers erected a recreation building. In 1988, a multipurpose building was added to provide space for classes, meetings and worship. In 1989, the dormitory was renovated and a modular unit was erected to house a dental clinic that served area medium custody inmates. November 1996 1930s
Warren Correctional Center---A state property inventory shows the oldest building at the prison was its dormitory built in 1939. In 1980, inmates under the supervision of correction engineers built a 28-man single cell facility to house inmates placed in administrative or disciplinary segregation. The prison housed "difficult to manage" minimum custody inmates. An old tire rim and horseshoe hung on posts outside the prison dining hall. Clanging the two together brought inmates to meals and counts. The original horseshoe was presented Harry Carter when he retired as superintendent.pending 1930s

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