N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--March 1997

News Notes

Tillery - Ryan Aycock, a correctional officer at Caledonia was recently recognized by Asst. Supt. Ricky Duke for his fast thinking and quick action. While driving home, Aycock noticed smoke coming from the roof of a house. A small boy was standing at the front door looking inside the home. Aycock quickly pulled over and ran towards the burning house and child. The boy told Aycock that his mother and sister were inside the house. Without regard for his own safety, Aycock searched until he found the other two victims and helped them outside. Even after this heroic feat, Aycock stayed an hour longer to assist the fire department.

Asheville - The Correctional Educational Association's region eight conference is scheduled for April 13-16. Two Hundred fifty correctional educators from throughout the seven states that make up region seven will be attending the conference. Keynote speakers include noted North Carolina humorist Joe Bly and nationally known correctional educator Dr. T.A. Ryan from South Carolina. For more information, contact Marilynn Richardson of Morrrison Youth Institution at (910) 281-3161, ext. 269.

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