N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--May 1997

New DAPP Officers Ready for the Challenge

By Larry Revelle

Raleigh -To many people, spring means a new beginning. That’s especially true for a group of 29 probation and parole officers who graduated from basic training during a special ceremony April 16.

Accompanied by their family and friends, the graduates shook their heads in agreement when Assistant DAPP Director Sherry Pilkington jokingly suggested that they all stand and sing, "O Happy Day!" The officers were just finishing a grueling and intense four-week training session.

DAPP Director Robert Guy told the officers that they are the background of the criminal justice system. "Its success rests on your shoulders as probation officers," Guy said. He told the graduates that to be effective, they must get to know and utilize community resources. "Look at the treatment needs of the offenders," Guy said

Guy likened the graduates career in probation and parole to a roller coaster ride with highs and lows. "You might make an impact on one offender but may have to issue orders for the arrest of another," he said. "Your emotions may change one hour to the next or one day to the next. Although there is a high level of frustration, you must overcome it and move on."

DAPP Director Robert Guy presents Nikita Sutton with her diploma during an April graduation ceremony in Raleigh. Sutton was one of 29 graduates who received their diplomas and officer badges. Sutton is the daughter of Currituck Prison Superintendent Ernest Sutton.

"Be visible in the community and be proud of your position," Guy advised the graduates. "You must make home visits and get to know the families. Be aware of the victims who call and treat them with courtesy. Tell them what you’re doing with the case."

Guy advised the officers to get offenders to the right treatment provider if there is a substance abuse need. "Try to prevent crime and not just react to it," Guy said. He also suggested team work saying that officers must work together and help each other out. "The Lone Ranger attitude won’t make it," Guy said. "You must be accountable for the job you do because you’re on the taxpayers’ payroll."

"DAPP is poised to accept a tremendous challenge," said Guy. "We’re ready. We’ve hired more than 500 officers in the last two years." Guy wished the graduates good luck before presenting them with their badges and diplomas.

The new officers include Gregory A. Biddix, Johnny F. Billings, Ruby Boiser, James O. Cox, Alton R. Crisp, Anita R. Culbreth, Jeffrey Dunmire, Robert T. Ferguson, Richard E. Fields, James R. Greer, Benjamin D. Krise, John R. Mattocks, Ryan C. Maxwell, Todd Meadows, Martin A. Piscitello.

Also included are Johnny Pratt, Tangi S. Price, Donyele P. Proctor, Audrey M. Rodgers, Jeffrey L. Settle, Wanda L. Sharpe, Pamela R. Sturdivant, Nikita C. Sutton, Rodney B. Taylor, Eric V. Tilley, Angela Warner, Lindwood D. Williams, Darryl Wilson, and Michael D. Wilson.

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