N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--May 1997

Weaver Retires as Duplin Superintendent

Kenansville - After working 33 years for the Department of Correction, Duplin Prison Superintendent Dallas C. Weaver retired.

Friends and co-workers gathered April 25 at the Country Squire restaurant in Kenansville to honor the man who was noted to be quiet, a good listener and an understanding supervisor.

"As a superintendent, Dallas had to be an expert in a lot of areas, criminology, engineering, maintenance, chaplaincy and psychology," Prisons Director Dan Stieneke said. "He had to wear a lot of hats as superintendent and make numerous decisions each day, and that's a lot of pressure. Dallas did that for 11 years and did a good job."

Weaver became a correctional officer at the Duplin unit in 1964. Except for a few years as a sergeant at Sampson Correctional Center, Weaver spent his career at Duplin, becoming superintendent in 1986.

Duplin Lieutenant Carroll Brown said, "The superintendent of the facility sets the tone, and from the first day I came here to work I always felt I was a part of the team."

Wayne Superintendent Mike Bell worked with Weaver for 27 years and said, "That he was able to endure the stresses and pressures and sacrifices inherent with service to the Division of Prisons for so many years speaks well of this man and his character."

Dallas Weaver's philosophy toward inmates was that, "you have to deal with them as individuals and never give up. You never know when or what will turn an inmate around, and when one does, it makes you feel good."

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