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Superintendent at Nash CI retired June 30

By Patty McQuillan

Nashville - Nash prison superintendent, Harry Allsbrook, wanted no fanfare when he retired, just to slip quietly away. That’s Harry Allsbrook, a strong, dedicated, serious-minded manager with no fuss or bother.

Allsbrook, a 1961 graduate of Scotland Neck High School, started working for the Department of Correction as a program assistant at one of the toughest state prisons, Caledonia. He was Caledonia/Odom Prison Complex, and then became superintendent of Odom Correctional Center in September, 1979.

That’s where I first met Harry. As a green public information officer, Odom was among the first prisons I visited. He gave me the grand tour, showing me every inch of the prison. Perplexed when he opened the freezer doors, I commented, "no bodies in there." His first laugh of the tour sealed the fact that I was going to like him. Solid, with a good heart.

In 1991, Allsbrook became superintendent of the new Nash Correctional Institution.

"Those who have opened a new prison know what hard work it takes, probably one of the most difficult jobs in the department, and Harry Allsbrook was exceptional," Secretary Mack Jarvis said. "He ran a tight ship while earning the respect of his employees and co-workers. We will miss his dedication to the department and his help in developing this prison system to emerge smoothly into the 21st century."

Director of Prisons Dan Stieneke said, "I appreciate the dedication and commitment Harry has given to the Department of Correction over the course of his career. He has been an effective prison manager who consistently has brought out the best in his staff. With a ready smile and a positive outlook, he has sensibly handled problems both large and small. The Division will miss Harry’s leadership."

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