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Asheville - The role of a probation or parole officer is ofttimes seen as either social work or law enforcement. "The truth is we’re not either one or the other, but we’re both," said Rick Faulkner, correction program specialist at the National Institute of Corrections.

Faulkner was guest speaker at the opening session of the third annual conference of the North Carolina Probation and Parole Association, held May 28-30. More than 400 correction employees attended the conference.

Faulkner said the mission of probation and parole is so broad and wide, that it is difficult to find qualified probation officers. "It’s community work that we’re doing and it’s the community that we’re serving," Faulkner said. "We are all public servants."

Past association presidents Sherry Pilkington and Guilford Legget with new President Chester Wiggins and past vice president William Eggleston.

Afternoon workshops included subjects on gang awareness, victim sensitivity training, and automated case management. A pig-picking was held at the Governor’s Western Mansion, and later, a swinging dance in the hotel ballroom.

Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis, speaker for the closing luncheon, said, "Secretaries come and go -most of you have seen four or five. You hold this department together. At a recent cabinet meeting, Gov. Hunt said we should think of ourselves as being part of a relay team. We’re all working together to get that baton over the finish line first. At the same time, we’re trying to do our personal best."

Jarvis also referred to President Jimmy’s Carter recent address to Duke graduates, reading from the Bible, Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth. When asked about life’s priorities, Paul said they were things not seen. "As Carter explained, he was speaking of love, justice and compassion," Jarvis said. "Love, justice and compassion are priorities for all of us."

Those qualities were exemplified by six employees who received awards and recognition for their extra work with the department. The Presidential Award went to Jane S. Edwards, chief probation and

parole officer from Louisburg. Judicial division recipients were, for Division I, Jimmy Brickhouse; Division II, William Eggleston; Division III, Rose Cox; and Division IV, Regina Ray and Linda Kaulf.

Judicial District Manager Chester Wiggins was sworn into office as the new president of the probation and parole association. He replaces Guilford Leggett, assistant judicial chief. Other officers officially installed include Peggy Biggers, Jane Edwards, Robert Little and Rose Cox.

Phillip Lytle was the chairperson of the steering committee for the 1997 conference. Billie Jo Atkins will chair the 1998 conference in Fayetteville.

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