N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--September 1997


Charlotte - More than 50 DOC employees joined about 1,200 other criminal justice professionals in July at the annual conference of the National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice (NABCJ). On hand to welcome the crowd was Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis.

Jarvis told the crowd: "North Carolina stretches from the beautiful sandy beaches of the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge mountains. Our license plates have the motto, First in Flight. It marks the first flight of the Wright Brothers in an airplane at Kitty Hawk. And it serves as a reminder that this is where Michael Jordan learned to fly."

Jarvis also mentioned the Carolina Panthers football team, the Cahrlotte Hornets basektball team and the Charlotte speedway. he talked about famous North Carolina writers like O. Henry, Carl Sandburg and Maya Angelou and famous broadcasters such as Edward R. Murrow, Charles Kuralt and David Brinkley.

DOC employees participated in several workshops and training sessions including Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Public Relations: How important is it? and Staff exposure to blood borne pathogens, what do we do now?

NC delegtates at the NABCJ conference in Charlotte
Several DOC employees received national recognition during the convention. Pete Barnett, who recently retired from DOC, received the coveted Jonathan Jasper Wright Award for his leadership on the state level. DOP Regional Director Joe Lofton was honored for his hard work as co-chair of the convention. Mae McLendon, Larry Revelle, Donna Cannon, Bert Rosefield and Barbara Pierce were recognized for their efforts with media, public relations, and the conference’s daily newsletter. Michael York was praised for his work with conference logistics.

Outgoing NABCJ Board of Directors Chair Keith Branch referred to this year’s convention as "the best of the best." Fay Lassiter, N.C. chapter president, was also pleased with the conference's success.

NC DOC Correction News- September 1997
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