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McCain Hospital Telephone Operator is Second Oldest State Employee

McCain - A telephone operator since 1975, Gladys Hunt is a dedicated employee who has no plans of retiring in the near future. Asked why she continues to work, her response was "I stay because I enjoy the people. They are my sisters and brothers. When one hurts, I hurt too." At age 81, she works second shift and loves to work weekends so that operators with families can spend time with them. She arrives to work early so that she can greet others as they are arriving or departing for the day and to ensure that she is on time for duty.

Hunt was born April 27, 1916 in Whitfield, New Hampshire. She moved to North Carolina in 1935 to work at the old Carolina Hotel now known as the Pinehurst Resort and County Club in Pinehurst. After working for several other businesses, she began her career with the state of North Carolina in 1975. Hunt has worked on all three shifts and has gotten to know almost all of the employees at McCain during her tenure.

A member of Ides Memorial Baptist Church in Pinebluff, Hunt believes in community involvement and practices her beliefs by visiting the sick and shut-in, sending baskets of fruits, flowers and monies anonymously to those in need. She is a supporter of Habitat for Humanity because she believes in their mission - helping people who wouldnít ordinarily have a chance to become homeowners.

According to her supervisor, Ada R. Harris, administrative officer, Hunt is one of those persons who does things that count and doesnít usually stop to count them. Case in point, recently one of Huntís co-workers had a death in her family. Hunt gave a sizeable donation and was persistent in remaining anonymous.

Hunt said that her youngest sister who still lives in New Hampshire is her hero. She said that in spite of her sisterís battle with cancer, her sister continues to care for others by insuring that they keep their doctorís appointments and by transporting them to and form the clinics.

In her spare time Hunt enjoys working with arts and crafts. One of her most prized accomplishments is designing and completing a Christmas village of her hometown - Pinebluff. The village has 37 houses, seven churches, three schools, one fire house, one community building of colonial style architecture, 50 street lights, one school bus, one police station, and an ice pond. Each object is a replica of a structure in Pinebluff. They are all handcrafted in great detail. It is truly a work of art, much like the artist herself.

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