N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--November 1997

Superintendent Hobert Fisher Retires

MOCKSVILLE - Easygoing and friendly Hobert Fisher turned in his retirement letter, picked up his gun and headed for the mountains to hunt bear, after lawmakers voted to close Davie Correctional Center.

Fisher worked 35 years for the department and earned a reputation of being fair and professional.

"If he could help you, he would, and if he couldn't help you, he'd find someone who would," said Sgt. Gurney Reavis who worked at Davie for 25 years. "He was by the book and that's what he expected of his employees."

Fisher began his career with the department as a correctional officer at the Transylvania prison unit that closed in the late 1950s. He also worked at Davidson and Haywood correctional centers. For 24 years, he worked as a sergeant.

"He's done an outstanding job for the department," said Danny Safrit of the Division of Prisons North Piedmont Area Office. "He's been one of the most consistent superintendents that I've worked with, always the same. He's easy going."

Lawmakers voted to close Davie, a medium security prison where inmates built trailers for community work squads. The prison opened in 1939. Inmates were moved out of the prison September 30 and the unit closed Oct. 31.

Fisher left the prison to hunt, one of the things he loves. Bearhunting, according to Reavis, requires a great deal of skill. Accuracy is important, he said, because "if you miss, you have an angry bear."

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