N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--November 1997

Personnel Corner
Invest In North Carolina’s Future Through Child Involvement Leave

Although children may have adjusted to being back in school after the summer break, many employees may still be trying to balance employment responsibilities with family obligations. Not to worry, help is just a request away. State government has a program to assist employees. It’s called Child Involvement Leave.

Child Involvement Leave is to promote employees’ involvement in the education of children in registered child care facilities, elementary, middle or high schools. It can be used to meet with teachers or administrators, to attend non-athletic programs and to get involved in school approved volunteer activities. Some examples of approved programs or activities are assisting the Parent-Teacher-Student Associations (PTSA), Classroom Parent, Reading Buddy, fund-raiser and field trip chaperone.

This program is not just for parents who are responsible for school age children. Any full-time permanent, probationary or trainee employee may take up to eight hours of paid Child Involvement Leave each calendar year. Part-time employees’ leave will be prorated based on the ratio they work to full-time. Every January 1, you will be credited with the full eight hours of Child Involvement Leave.

Your Child Involvement Leave will not carry over to the next calendar year. You must use it or you will lose it. If you transfer to another state agency, the remainder of your Child Involvement Leave will transfer with you. However, when you terminate from state government, you will not be paid for any unused time.

Employees must request in writing, from their supervisor, approval to use Child Involvement Leave. The activity for which leave is being requested must occur during the employee’s regularly scheduled working hours. Supervisors are encouraged to grant time away from work as requested by the employee; however, based on the needs of the work unit supervisors may require that the leave be taken at a different time.

Be generous with your time and attention. To a child, time and attention are the most valuable things of all. Let’s not waste North Carolina’s future, get involved today.

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