Attention All Inmates

Important Information
About Your Health Care Visit

Beginning August 1, 1997, a North Carolina Division of Prisons Administrative Policy will begin that allows for health care fees to be collected from inmates in the form of co-payments. Inmate initiated visits are subject to the co-payment for services rendered.

You will always have access to health care whether or not you have the money to pay the co-payment. There will be no difference between inmates who pay and who do not pay with regard to access, scheduling or level of health care. The co-payment fee will be charged to your trust account. Your account balance will never fall below $2.00 in order to satisfy a co-payment charge. If there is not enough money in your accounts to pay the co-payment, the debt remains as a lien on your account and is subtracted as money is deposited. The Division will never subtract more than half (50%) of any deposit made to your trust Fund to pay what you owe in co-payment charges.

Any inmate wishing to submit a "Sick Call Appointment Request" must use the new form revised 3/97. All information must be completed on the form along with your signature.

You will be charged a $3.00 co-payment for health care for the following:

You will be charged a $5.00 co-payment for:

You will not be charged for:

You will not be denied health care if you do not have enough money in your trust account to pay the fee.

NC DOC news release--New Fee Charged To Reduce Bogus Sick Call Claims