North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - December 1998

DOC Web page gets new look

There’s a new look to the N.C. DOC Web page and more information to help visitors better understand the department. The new front page of the Web site offers frequently changing articles providing the latest news about the agency. The new listing of links down the left-hand side of the page help visitors get to sites in the page faster.

A new addition to the Division of Prisons page is the listing and description of each prison. Visitors can find a one-page description of each prison, as well as listings of prisons by county, region and security level.

By clicking on the Look up an offender page, visitors can also easily find information about offenders including escapes and captures, offenders released from prison and correction population statistics. Law enforcement agencies can enter a password protected site that allows them to view a snapshot of the offender’s record.

There are now 358 subscribers to the Web site’s news release service. Every time a news release is added to the Web site, it is automatically e-mailed to the subscribers.

Visitors to the Web page trivia quiz have selected 7,203 correct answers out of 10,175 questions since the quiz was updated last June.

There have also been updates to the department’s internal Web page. Management Information Systems Network Services now provide a page for you to open a work ticket and follow their progress in responding to your request.

The Public Information Office now offers links to department information and original copies of brochures that you can download and copy for distribution.

The Division of Community Corrections Case Management Task Force outlines division projects and seeks staff feedback. The DCC page also outlines plans for future information that will be available via the Web.

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