N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--March 1998

Probation Managers Get Oriented

RALEIGH — Some of the state's newest chief probation officers met with Director Robert Guy and other key staff in the division's first orientation for front line probation managers.

"Its an introduction to the organization," said Director Guy. "I talked with them, introduced them to managers and gave them a chance to meet the central office staff."

The 14 chief probation officers who took part in the January session toured the Yonkers Road offices, visited the house arrest base station, talked about issues they had confronted on the job and asked questions about probation policy initiatives. Discussions included management, financial issues, the department's community corrections strategy and the importance of the continuum of community corrections sanctions. They also had a chance to exchange ideas with each other.

"Training is better than trial by fire," agreed chief probation officers Bruce Fishel of Winston-Salem and Robert Russell of Newton.

"Its been informative. We've been able to see what goes on in the main hub," said Fishel. "Its been good to put faces with the names."

"Each chief should be exposed to this," said Russell. "It gives you an appreciation for the job."

The chief probation officers that took part in the training included Lori Barnes, Bruce Fishel, Bobby Dickerson, Jeff Holoman, Patti Trice, Kathy Cartwright, Tracy Rosyter, Martha Norman, Robert Russell, Thomas Faircloth, Bonita Tingen, Ray Griggs, Felicia McLean and Gary Bass. u

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