N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--March 1998

Improvements Made to DOC Web

Improvements have been made to the most requested page on the N.C. DOC web site. The web site is receiving more than 12,000 visits a month and users are visiting more than 41,000 pages in the web site each month.

web users are taking a look at the report of released prisoners more than 7,000 times a month. That makes it one of the top sites in the N.C. DOC web. With improvements made to the report, users can now find more detailed information on each released prisoner. They can also use a new search device to hunt through the list of released prisoners. The list includes prisoners released since January 1997.

The web page has also added a list of prison escapees. A photograph and description of the escapee is posted to encourage the public to report information they may have to local police or the Division of Prisons.

In his review of correction web pages, Dr. Warren Benton of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice City University of New York gave a five star award to the N.C. DOC web site’s custom report generator. "At their web site, you can select from a wide range of statistics maintained by the department, and specify the exact information that you want in the form that you want. A customized statistical report is automatically generated and delivered directly to your browser," Benton wrote.

An updated version of this report is available to department employees on the N.C. DOC internal web. In addition to providing statistics, it can provide the list of prisoners to back up the numbers it reports. The Division of Prisons provides copies of the Diagnostic Procedure, Health Care, and Policy & Procedure manuals. The manuals provide a search feature helpful in answering policy questions.

While a number of people deserve credit for making the web site a helpful tool, David Edwards and Don Kellor of MIS and Frank Proctor and Corey Cradle of Research and Planning have done much of the work. Edwards built the first web pages and has overseen its technical operation over the last two years. Kellor is responsible for developing the released prisoners report. Proctor and Cradle developed the statistical report generator. u

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