N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--April 1998

Columbus Correctional Institution

Program Assistant Vickie Hardie was one of 11 people statewide who was recently certified as a General Instructor. She has also trained to teach the Napoleon Hill Program, a self-improvement, thinking skills course for inmates.
Lt. J.C. Huggins, Jr. has worked for DOC for 11 years. He is a Lumbee Indian interested in prison Indian affairs.
Officer Richard Green helps oversee a dozen inmates clear shrubs from a roadside ditch. In all, Columbus works 84 inmates on road squads.
Processing Assistant John Lashlee, who was part of the N.C. All-Star basketball team for the 1995 Paralympics and played in the Atlanta Olympics, sold 50 boxes of doughnuts for the N.C. chapter of the ACA.
Officer Eugene Fields was selected as employee of the month. When one employee resigned, Fields operated a heavy-load mail room for 90 days by himself and did an excellent job.
Kitchen Supervisor Jack Starnes said he and his staff use a 100-pound bag of sugar each day and 750 pounds of flour per week to serve an average of 2,190 meals each day. He makes separate provisions for 35 vegetarians, 80 on a no-pork diet, 72 on special diets, 84 for road squad crews and 10 pack-outs for transfers and dental cases. Starnes said his kitchen is designed to serve 300 inmates and the equipment is often under repair. He said there have been times when they have had to serve meals with no equipment.
Operations Officer Richard Blackwell is responsible for keeping an accurate count of inmates, whether they are out-to-court, on a road squad or in prison. He’s never lost one, even though the count constantly fluctuates.
Officer Sullena Roma supervises inmates eating lunch in the prison dining hall.

NC DOC Correction News- April 1998
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