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Personnel Corner

Did you know that you have an Employee Insurance Committee?

The DOC Employee Insurance Committee was formed to review proposals and establish contracts with insurance companies that would best serve DOC employees. (This is in addition to the insurance and NCFlex options that are authorized through the Office of State Personnel.)

The committee meets periodically to review information that has been forwarded to them by the co-workers and to insure that the vendors selected are meeting the needs of our employees.

Currently the approved agencies allowed to interact with employees are:

Dental Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Phone: 1-800-788-7771

Accidental, Cancer & Disability Insurance

Colonial Life

Phone: 1-800-325-4368

Life Insurance

Protective Life

Phone: 1-800-334-1217

The newest contract is with Hyatt Legal Services. Information regarding their legal service will soon be available.

All companies approved by the Employee Insurance Committee can have the premium payroll deducted. Employee’s are allowed to continue relationships and use payroll deduction with previous insurances and previous legal services that were approved.

However, employees are always encouraged to review their payroll deductions to ensure that these deductions are still in their best interest.

Your committee members are appointed to serve terms by the Secretary of the Department. Cathrine Garner is the committee's liaison with the DOC personnel office. u

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