N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--May 1998

A Look Inside
Steve Muller is the Superintendent at Sampson Correctional Institution.
The local newspaper prints an article from the Sampson prison quarterly, written by Program Assistant Randy Besser.
Tim Hunt is the acting production manager at the Sampson laundry, the largest laundry operation in the state. One shift washes 8 million pounds of laundry a year.
Program Assistant Cindy Spell heads up the ABE-GED, heating and air conditioning and human relations programs. She's also in charge of the horticultural program which is getting three new greenhouses.
Captain Virginia Beasley makes one of the longest commutes to Sampson Correctional Institution each day. She says the drive from Carolina Beach is about one hour and 15 minutes. Sampson employees say Classification Coordinator Larry Matt must have a photographic memory. He knows all 450 inmates by name and their situations.
"He's like a floppy disk - we put everything on him," Supt. Muller said of Don Ringley, a DCI and personnel investigator. This day he was in the mailroom replacing the regular employee who was in training. In addition to doing home leave investigations and inmate job referrals, Program Assistant Hameed A.K. Shareef was elected to lead Sampson's improvement team.

NC DOC Correction News- May 1998
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