N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--June 1998

Spotlight on Haywood County Probation and Parole

When Olin Finger came to work in 1968, she just supervised women, covering multiple western North Carolina counties. In the early 1970s, mixed caseloads began and male officers wanted to know what to do when women cried. In 1979, she was promoted to unit supervisor.

Probation officer Steve Stiles grew up in Florida and has been working for DAPP for six years.
Olga Plott talks with an offender.

Daleen Parton was the first white female working for the Highway Patrol for nine years. She says being a probation officer is less stressful. She's known as one who beats the bushes finding absconders and she always gets them.

NC DOC Correction News- June 1998
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