N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--June 1998

James Thornton will oversee District 4-A

RALEIGH — Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis named James Thornton the Division of Adult Probation and Parole manager for Judicial District 4-A which includes Duplin, Jones and Sampson counties.

Thornton will manage the three counties' probation officers who supervise more than 1800 probationers.

"James Thornton has worked hard for the department and will be a good manager for us," said Secretary Jarvis. "He will help us strengthen community corrections programs that will allow us to tighten our control of offenders."

Thornton began his corrections career in 1974 as probation and parole officer in Johnston County. In 1976, he transferred to Sampson County. He was promoted to chief probation and parole officer in Sampson County in September 1979 and has served on the electronic house arrest response team.

Thornton completed the state public managers program in 1985. He serves on the Sampson County Criminal Justice Partnership program board.

A Sampson County native, Thornton graduated from Hobbton High School in Newton Grove. He graduated from East Carolina University in 1974 with a criminal justice degree.

Thornton and his wife, Betsy, have two sons, Bryan and Greg. u

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