N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--July 1998

Personnel Corner

The following individuals have been appointed to the Department of Correction Employee Insurance Committee:

Lloyd Parker Chairman 919-830-3466
James Brown DOP 910-896-7024
Pat Chavis DOP 910-618-5574
Robert Little DAPP 336-996-2915
Roger Haynie DAPP 704-251-6184
Fran Minshew DOP 919-934-8386
Frank Pittard DAPP 919-583-5511
Pamela Karriker DOP 704-938-9168
Delilah Warner DAPP 910-629-0885

The committee has authorized the following companies to interact with employees regarding employee coverage. This is in addition to the insurance and NCFlex options that are authorized through the Office of State Personnel. The insurances that are approved are:

Dental Blue Cross Blue Shield 1-800-325-4368
Accidental, Cancer & Disability Colonial Life 1-800-325-4368
Life Protective Life 1-800-334-1217
Legal Hyatt Legal Services (phone number to be announced)

If you have questions regarding these insurances, please contact a committee member for more information. u