N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--August 1998

Optical Plant Opens

NASHVILLE — North Carolina prisoners have a new supplier of eyeglasses, the Correction Enterprise Optical lab at Nash Correctional Institution.

The new lab opened May 1. Since then Optical Lab Manager Phil Driver, Optician Karen Moore and staff have trained the inmates to use the high-tech Gerber/Coburn equipment to manufacture quality eyeglasses.

The optical lab will have two major customers. It will manufacture approximately 6,000 eyeglasses a year for the Department of Correction. Under contract with the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance, the lab will also manufacture approximately 120,000 eyeglasses a year for state Medicaid recipients. At that rate, the optical lab would make 500 pairs of glasses a day.

The lab will employ nine Correction Enterprise staff and 45 prisoners. u

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