N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--September 1998

Engineering employees certified as professional managers

RALEIGH — Gov. Jim Hunt congratulated two Correction Engineering employees in a ceremony at the state Capitol July 29 for being part of the latest class of state employees to become certified professional managers.

Architect Spencer Wolfe and Engineer Carol Woodyard completed three classes offered through the N.C. State Government chapter of the National Management Association, a group Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis has advised over the past year.

"This program helps you be involved as a manager," said Woodyard who serves as project manager for construction at Albemarle Correctional Institution and N.C. Correctional Institution as well as manager for the installation of prison modular housing units.

The managers’ group meets monthly to hear the latest on North Carolina state government and the latest advice on management. "We also get involved in community work projects," Woodyard said. "That’s what I enjoy."

There are just over a dozen people who have completed the certification program.

One of them is Karen Brown of Correction Engineering. She encouraged Wolfe and Woodyard to participate.

"I enrolled in one of their short courses and found it invaluable as a professional resource," said Wolfe who is helping to transform an Apex warehouse into a facility that Enterprise, Staff Training and the Division of Prisons pharmacy can use. "The certification class develops personal and interpersonal skills and can be taken over a period of several months."

The State Government NMA chapter is open to employees interested in government and leadership who currently work as managers or aspire to be managers.

For more information, people may attend meetings or visit the group’s web page at http://nmal.org/chapters/ncstate-gov/. u

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