N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--September 1998

Secretary Jarvis asks DOC to support the State Employees Combined Campaign

This fall marks the 13th year of the State Employees Combined Campaign in North Carolina. This annual campaign gives state employees an opportunity to support a variety of organizations throughout the state that provide programs and services to all the citizens of North Carolina.

As Secretary of the Department of Correction, I am asking you to take an active role in supporting this effort. State employees, perhaps, know better than anyone that government cannot provide all the health and human services that are needed in today’s complex world. This is why the State Employees Combined Campaign (S.E.C.C.) was created to help finance, through voluntary contributions, vital charitable organizations.

Last year over $379,518 was pledged to support the many participating organizations and their affiliated agencies by correctional employees.

Giving is a personal matter and a personal decision. The S.E.C.C. offers you the opportunity to give to a single organization or group of agencies, and payroll deduction makes it efficient and easy. In addition, you are able to designate your gift to a particular community or location in which you live.

I encourage you to consider carefully your responsibilities to the less fortunate that live in your communities.

Please take a moment to share your time and support to make this year’s campaign a success, and ask a friend to do the same. u

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