N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--September 1998

Internal Audit publishes newsletter to help managers improve their operations

In an effort to improve the operating efficiency of the Department of Correction, Internal Audit has begun publishing a new newsletter, The Proactive.

The two-page newsletter will be distributed twice a year to prison superintendents, administrative officers and other managers within the department and will provide summaries of recent audit findings and recommendations as well as other information that may be used by management to help them improve their operations.

"The newsletter will enable managers to clean up and make improvements in their operations before the auditors get there," said Charles Owens, director of Internal Audit. "Such self-assessment should result in less critical audits and, more importantly, improve the operating efficiency of the department."

The Proactive will be published every 6 months, once in January and once in July. The first issue was distributed in August. u

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