N.C. Department of Correction--Correction News--September 1998

DOC employees learn life-saving techniques

RALEIGH — Practicing a procedure they hope they’re never required to use, a class of 18 correction employees lean over their CPR dolls learning to breath life into people.

Instructor David Pease helps Dorothy Fortune of the
Parole Commission administer CPR to Little Anne,
a doll designed for CPR instruction.

The July 22nd class was the tenth class organized by the safety committee at the department’s 2020 Yonkers Road offices. More than 150 employees have taken part in the series of classes offered through Wake Technical Community College.

"We’ve had a lot of request for classes of this type," said Judy Chapman, a Correction Enterprise employee who serves on the safety committee. "They want education about CPR, as well as infant and child CPR training."

Certified instructors using American Heart Association guidelines teach the three-hour classes. This instructors for this class work with Garner Emergency Medical Services. After a lecture that covers how to recognize when a person is in distress and the proper techniques for clearing air pathways and administering CPR, the instructors help each member of the class practice what they’ve learned with Little Anne, a doll designed for CPR instruction.

"Every second counts when people need CPR," said Lu Little, coordinator of the Wake Tech program. "A quick response increases the chance of survival."

Several people recalled events that led them to sign up for the class. Jo Martin of Research and Planning said her sister was choking during a meal and was saved by the Heimlich maneuver. Crystal Boyles of Combined Records still remembers a fatal car wreck near her home 13 years ago.

"It’s something you don’t forget. No one knew what to do for the lady," Boyles said. "After our class, I think I’m better prepared. It’s important to know here at work and at home where I have two small children." u

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