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Training Pays Off

The following letter was sent to Reggie Weisner, superintendent of Western Youth Institution, and illustrates the importance of first aid and other training offered through the Department of Correction.

Dear Mr. Weisner:

I am a former employee of the Department of Transportation. On July 22, 1992, I retired with 34 years of service.

My son, Charles W. Durham, is currently employed as a correctional officer with the Western Youth in Morganton.

My purpose for writing this letter is to express my gratitude to you for requiring each employee to take the basic first aid course. By doing this, I’m personally grateful.

On July 4, my son, Charles, and my daughter, Juanita, invited myself and my husband out for dinner for our 46th wedding anniversary.

While eating, I became choked on a piece of steak. I was beyond speaking when my son, Charles, realized I was choking. He immediately responded, while everyone else sat paralyzed with fear.

Charles tried to dislodge the steak by hitting me on the back. However, this did no good. He then did the Heimlich maneuver. This dislodged the steak from my throat, and I was OK.

Had it not been for the first aid course required by the state, and the courage and quick response of Charles, I would have died.

I feel this is a very brave act my son did, and I feel he is not only my son, but my "hero" as well.

This could happen to anyone, but just anyone would not be able to save a life.

Thank you for your time.


Margaret Durham

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