New Citizens Service office has the answers

People with questions about the Department of Correction can now call 1-800-368-1985 where staff of the department's new Office of Citizen Services will answer.

"We’ll seek to explain the department’s policies and operations to persons who call and write us," said Tracy Little who will direct the office. "I’m excited about this new service. I believe it’s needed. It can help the public, and it can help correction employees."

The citizen services office will be comprised of three sections: victim services, family services and operations. The office will work with department divisions on projects such as the development of victim and offender family handbooks, victim-offender mediation and sensitivity training. Little will work with division committees to establish policy, procedures and programs to address victim and offender family concerns.

The office’s operations section will include a telephone call center and a correspondence unit. Retired DOC employees recruited and trained to respond to inquiries will staff the section. Little estimates the office will receive 40,000 calls and 10,000 letters a year.

The Office of Citizen Services will be located at the DOC office building at 2020 Yonkers Road in Raleigh. You can reach Tracy Little by calling 919-716-3690. u