North Carolina Department of Correction news release

September 23, 1998

The Fence Comes down at Old Polk

Three community work squads from Dan River Prison Work Farm at Yanceyville have been hard at work taking down the security fences at the old Polk Youth Institution in Raleigh.

The squads are taking down lengths of fencing that stand ten feet tall. They roll the fence up so it can be used at another prison. Then they cut down the barbed and razor wire strands across the top. The squads will also dig up the fence posts.

Sgt. Ashley of Dan River says the hot, humid days, heavy rolls of fencing and sharp wire make for tough work. He estimates that the prison compound has three miles of fence around it. He said crews from Dan River took down interior fences at the site in July.


The new Polk Youth Institution opened in Granville County last November. Prisoners were bused from the old facility at Raleigh to the new prison at Butner.

The department's Communications and Transportation shop is located at the Blue Ridge Road site. Correction Purchasing Director Larry Rhodes says State Surplus Property is also using a building there to recondition old state computers for use in public schools.

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