North Carolina Department of Correction news release

FEBRUARY 27, 1998

Improvements made to NC DOC Web

RALEIGH - Offender information is being made available to North Carolina sheriffs, district attorneys and the public on the Department of Correction Internet Web page.

In a letter Correction Secretary Mack Jarvis sent to the state’s sheriffs and district attorneys today, he said that one of the reports provides a monthly summary of prisoners returning to North Carolina communities.

"We’re using technology to provide helpful information to criminal justice agencies and the public," said Jarvis. "And we’re developing ways to efficiently share information with other agencies so we can better work together."

The letter also notifies law enforcement officials that a report on escaped prisoners is available on the Internet. Each morning by 6:00, computers automatically check the department’s offender records system and provide an up-to-date list of escaped prisoners.

The information on escapees provides another way to seek assistance from law enforcement and the public in returning escapees to custody. Anyone with information about the escapees are asked to call law enforcement or the Division of Prisons.

The department’s web site provides a wide range of information about agency programs and activities.

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Released Prisoners Report

Escaped Prisoners Report