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1998 News Releases

12/23/98 1998 in the North Carolina Department of Correction
12/18/98 New Criminal Justice Partnership Program board members attend first meeting
12/16/98 Correction employees bring the spirit of Christmas to their communities
12/15/98 Sentencing Commission Chairman praises state probation officers
11/25/98 Prisoners make blankets for emergency shelters and schools
11/16/98 Witnesses selected for Nov 20 execution
11/16/98 State Inmates Help Make Park More Accessible
11/10/98 John Noland Execution Media Advisory
11/10/98 Inmates help prepare Christmas tree for journey to the nationís capital
10/30/98 General Assembly closes prisons, adds medical positions and eliminates execution by gas
10/30/98 State continues to build major prisons 
10/30/98 DOC Citizen Services Office opens
10/29/98 Correctional officer killed in traffic accident
10/23/98 Foothills correctional officer named 1998 Employee of the Year
9/28/98 Prisoners renovate and expand Old Fort police station
9/28/98 Hendersonville probation and police officers are bikers
9/23/98 Friends and coworkers gather at retirement luncheon for Mack Jarvis
9/23/98 The Fence Comes down at Old Polk
9/14/98 Witnesses selected for September 18 execution 
9/14/98 Execution Media Advisory
9/4/98 Prisoners' hurricane debris clean up enters 9th day
9/3/98 Prisoners complete tire clean up operation
9/2/98 Prisoners clear tires from beaches, help clean up communities and assist farmers
9/1/98 Prisoners clean up tires washed ashore by Hurricane Bonnie
9/1/98 1,000 Prisoners work in hurricane clean up
8/31/98 State prisoners to clean up tires littering Bogue Sound
8/31/98 State prisoners clean up coast after Hurricane Bonnie
8/28/98 More than 450 prisoners help in hurricane clean up
8/28/98 Prisoners put to work helping farmers
8/28/98 Prisoners clear courthouse grounds in Burgaw
8/27/98 Prison managers wary as hurricane leaves Wilmington and heads north
8/26/98 Prisons prepared for the storm
8/26/98 Prisons prepare for hurricane recovery
8/24/98 Black Mountain Correctional Center for Women prisoners help renovate home
8/17/98 Witnesses selected for August 21 execution
8/10/98 Witnesses selected for August 14 execution 
8/5/98 Media Advisory for Zane Hill execution
7/20/98 Optical Plant opens at Nash Correctional Institution 
6/8/98 Correctional, Probation and Parole Officers Week
6/2/98 Secretary Jarvis Dedicates the state's first female boot camp
5/29/98 Probation Officers join Raleigh Police Department community policing efforts
5/18/98 Prisoners Building Prisons
5/18/98 Pender Prisoners Sew Ferry Workers' Uniforms
4/21/98 State prisoners grow lillies for DOT
4/20/98 Prisoners pick up litter in Spring Litter Sweep
4/20/98 Execution Media Advisory
4/20/98 NCCIW prisoners work in dental lab
4/13/98 Inmates Clean Up Schools Over Easter Break
4/10/98 Prisoners put to work sewing T-shirts 
4/10/98 Prisoners help state reuse old highway signs
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4/1/98 First Group of Young Men Complete SARGE
3/27/98 Prison Work Squads Clean up after tornado
3/25/98 Prisoner work squads sent to Rockingham and Durham counties
3/23/98 Dan River Prison Farm sends work crews to clean up after tornadoes
3/23/98 Prison teams with community college to offer literacy program for prisoners
3/17/98 IMPACT Boot Camps Build Confidence
3/16/98 State agencies work together to monitor juveniles
3/6/98 Correction Managers Listen to Crime Victims
3/2/98 Cashless canteen program expanded
2/27/98 Improvements made to NC D OC Web
2/23/98 Nash Correctional Institution prisoners pick up highway litter
2/16/98 Prison escapes drop to all time low
2/3/98 State Prisoners Help Remove Snow
2/1/98 Female Boot Camp Opening Soon
1/30/98 Prisoners clean up after snow storm in Western North Carolina
1/30/98 Road squads work more than 1 million hours in 1997
1/29/98 Inmate labor to help Western North Carolina communities
1/25/98 Sanderson execution witnesses selected
1/26/98 900 complete IMPACT in 1997
1/26/98 Dedication ceremonies planned for state's Tyrrell Prison Work Farm
1/20/98 Work squads provide 1.6 million hours of free labor to NC communities
1/20/98 Medical Review Saves $500,000
1/20/98 Christy Hardee joins NC DOC public information office
1/20/98 Inmate Labor Pays $575,000 into Crime Victims Fund
1/15/98 Cleaning up after flooding in Western North Carolina
1/12/98 NC prisoners help clean up after flooding in Avery and Mitchell counties


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