North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - January 1999

Polk Youth Institution High Security - page 1

Polk Youth Institution opened the state's first high security maximum control unit in November. The $8 million facility provides 100 cells, a tool to control an increasingly violent prison population and to protect correctional officers and inmates.

Assistant Superintendent Ray Raynor stands in the visiting room of Polk Youth Institution's new High Security Maximum Control Unit, or HCON. The HCON visitation room is different from other prison visiting rooms in that all inmates are in full restraints, there is no telephone for visitors or inmates to talk on, the window is HCON voice activated and inmates are seated on a concrete stool for visitation. The visitor room is made of concrete and metal, preventing inmates from using this material for weapons. Visitation is limited to one hour and is monitored by correction staff.
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