North Carolina Department of Correction - Correction News - January 1999

News Briefs

Employees at Marion help co-worker

Employees at Marion Correctional Institution recently raised $1,540 to help fund a kidney transplant for their co-worker, Milton Conley.

Conley, a correctional officer at Marion, was diagnosed with kidney failure in September. His co-workers’ most recent fund-raiser was a fish and chicken dinner sale. Members of the preparation committee for the project were Mike Long, Luisa Swofford, Gus Patton, Ed Morton, Mike Harriman, Betty Lewis, Richard Thomas, Theresa Rutherford, April Shope, Gary Rhymer, Jeff Hudgins, Keith Whitman and Ricky Anderson.

"This is something that’s just overwhelming," Conley said. "A show of love, that’s what this is. These people are great to work with, and they’re great friends."

Alamance makes a difference

Working as a group, the staff of Alamance Correctional Center, contributed their time and efforts to a worthwhile cause on "Make a Difference Day".

The staff organized an in-house food drive for the Food Pantry, sponsored by the Mt. Zion Baptist Association. Under the guidance of Food Pantry Director Ann Perry, the staff collected two large boxes of dried and canned goods including picnic hams, tuna, peanut butter, coffee and fruits. Paper products and soap were also added to the shopping list.

Members of Alamance’s inmate service club, the Cougars, also participated by making a cash donation of $200 to the Food Pantry.

Sergeant helps neighbor, subdues intruder

Ricky Ward, a sergeant at Johnston Correctional Center, was getting ready for work one recent evening when he was called on to help a neighbor who was involved in a life-threatening situation.

Ward first learned his neighbor was in trouble when a friend of his neighbor’s came to his house looking for help. She had been talking with the neighbor on the phone when the neighbor had a knock at the door. She heard a man’s voice talking to the neighbor and then the phone was disconnected.

Ward told his wife and the friend to call 911 while he grabbed his pistol and went next door. He circled the house to try to determine if the intruder was still inside the house with his neighbor. While assessing the situation, Ward heard quick, heavy footsteps inside the house and a man’s voice. Ward quietly walked up on the deck at the front door to check for activity in the living room. Ward’s neighbor was lying on the couch with blood coming from her head. Blood was on her hands, face and also on the carpet. A man was sitting on the edge of the couch holding the neighbor by her hair. The neighbor’s son was standing in the doorway of the room, holding his head and crying.

Ward entered the house and pointed his pistol at the man and told him to hold his hands where he could see them and to kneel on the floor. Ward handcuffed the man and told the neighbor and her son to go to his house. Ward searched the man for weapons and found none. He then escorted him outside and told him to sit on the ground until the police could arrive. A cordless phone was on the living room floor. It had been busted open. In just a few minutes the Sheriff’s deputy arrived and took charge of the situation.

Ward’s neighbor was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Lt. J.D. Weaver said Ward acted in a brave and heroic manner to help his neighbor while placing his own life in harm’s way.

Staff and inmates at Wilmington Residential Facility prepare gifts for children

Staff and inmates at Wilmington Residential Facility participated in a project to help the Samritan’s Purse over the holidays.

Each year, the Samaritan’s Purse, based in Boone, reaches millions of children through Operation Christmas Child. Volunteers are asked to fill a shoe box with items for a boy or girl. These shoe boxes are then shipped to 43 different countries throughout the world.

A total of 12 boxes were completed by three staff members and 11 inmates. Some of the boxes were shared by more than one inmate in purchasing the gifts. A great deal of thought went into the gift purchases, and several inmates knitted items for the boxes.

Staff member Peggy Henderson and inmate Ella Rooks load up the
gifts they helped prepare for Operation Christmas Child.

Employee of the Quarter

The Controller’s Office has named Jean Burke, systems accountant II, Employee of the Quarter for the period July through September and Payroll Clerk Hilda Jones Employee of the Quarter for August through October. u

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